About Houston Web Designer Anthony Espinoza

Oh, so you've been smitten by my dashing good looks and my sleek graphic and web designs, huh? Feel free to get to know web design extraordinaire Anthony Espinoza by reading his bio. I'd like to get to know you, too! Feel free to contact me using any of the ways shown below. :)

Starting Out - Introduction to Graphic Design

Me and Katie

My path into graphic design began like many other designers around my age. The mid-2000s was full of young creatives who were yearning to experiment with art digitally in the beginnings of the social media age. I started exploring various message boards. The first of which was FLCL World, a forum for fans of the anime Fooly Cooly. As I became more active on the site I noticed that the signature under my posts were empty in comparison to some of the other members. I got my first version of photoshop, which at the time was version 6.0, and set out to create my first signature design.

As I started to tinker around with the program, I decided it would be a good idea to look for other message boards dedicated to only graphic design for support. For the next few years, I was very active in the forum and graphic design community as a quality member of many different message boards. As a designer, I won many signature of the week competitions with my digital art.

Me and Mom

As my skills in website design and graphic design grew, I moderated and eventually started multiple graphic design themed message boards on proboards. Eventually, I created forum templates and myspace layouts and used these forums as a way to distribute these resources to the community. You can find some of my forum designs in my portfolio.

Time at Sam Houston State University

Fast forward to 2009. Fresh out of Jersey Village High School where I spent a year as a Co-Advertising Editor and Staff Writer for the school newspaper, The Peregrine, I made a major step in my life by choosing to attend Sam Houston State in Huntsville, TX. Blinded by my natural interest in American History, I officially was a History major for the first two and a half years of my schooling with the intent of becoming a history teacher.

me and granny guerra

I eventually realized my true love is web and graphic design, and made the switch to a fine arts degree of Advertising and Graphic Design following the 2011 fall semester. As an fine arts student I've had several works showcased in local galleries and art shows.

It is my hope and intention that with this fine arts degree I bring several artistic elements to web design that is currently missing from today's latest development trends.

Life in the Real World

In November 2013, I was hired by Houston SEO and web development company Directory One. Since joining the team, I have overseen the creation of several responsive website designs, in addition to the design and redrawing of multiple client logos.

A little bit personal.

My favorite food of all time is steak. I could eat it every day. I have a loving girlfriend of 5+ years, and she's totally rad. I am a die hard Houston Texans fan, you could probably catch me at the games if you keep an eye out for me. Also, I love my SHSU Bearkats. My bestest friends are Katie (the girlfriend I mentioned earlier), Graham, Jacob, and Matt. My family is awesome too!

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