24 Hour Pizza Identity

I used to work at a small pizza place a few years back in the summers of my freshman and sophomore years. This place, appropriately (although not imaginatively) called 24 Hour Pizza, was open around the clock. I was the cook, the delivery boy, the "opener" and "closer" (which basically meant my shift began at 11am and ended at 4am on some days), and the Marketing Manager as my boss affectionately titled me. He called me the marketing manager because during the daytime I would solicit apartments by hanging fliers on residents' doors.

Anyway, they had a terrible website and had a logo that was just the name of the restaurant typed in Arial Regular. Sadly, sometime in the last year and a half, 24 Hour Pizza closed its doors. When I found out, I decided to design a logo and a website even if neither would actually be used.

Materials & Time Spent

Photoshop CS5, a Coke, and a night.