Grayscale Crafts Identity

Initially, this design began as a business card, but without a logo or or anything to go off of, I decided to create an identity for Grayscale Crafts. Jacob Gray, a very good friend of mine of almost 8 years and owner of Grayscale Crafts, came to me late one night asking for a business card design for his start-up "Greyscale Crafts." Like any good friend would, I told him the name was terrible and to change it to "Grayscale" to match his name. I think I also called him a "wannabe brit" or something that effect early in development because of the spelling. After getting the logo and color scheme down, I was finally able to create the business card I was originally brought on to do.

Materials & Time Spent

Photoshop CS5, several hours total (including initial mockups and redesigns).